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6 Easy Marketing Ideas for Easter

Easter in 2021 is just about a month away. You might not be one of those retailers who put Easter eggs out on December 26th, but you can still get in on the Easter marketing action.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you stand out

Banners, Flags, Gazebos

A simple idea is to put physical marketing material where people will see it and know that you are holding a promotion. Banners, flags, and Gazebos all attract attention, especially if different from what people normally see.

Bunny footprints

Vinyl floor stickers are easy to apply and remove. You could have bunny footprints leading customers to special places in your store. Kids will love it and it adds some fun to the shopping experience.

Hidden eggs or bunnies

Easter eggs in movies or games are fun, hidden surprises for people to find. You could do the same in-store. Hide a bunny or egg in-store and if someone finds it, they get a prize or discount.

Photo Wall

People love a good photo of themselves, or family and friends. Having a photo wall gives them an opportunity to take a photo which will likely end up on social media. Your background could give an opportunity for them to create a special Easter profile photo. #easteratyourbusiness

Colouring Competition

This might be an old favourite, but it will always be relevant. Parents love finding free activities for their kids to do. The giveaways can be remarkably simple, although do not make them too basic or people will not want to take part.


People love a freebie. Combine your extra offering with promotional banners or flags for extra impact. Alternatively, if you keep the offering under wraps and use it to make people feel special, it is likely that they will share the experience with their friends.

Our sales team can also help you come up with a unique promotion for your business. Remember, your marketing needs to grab attention first. That can’t be done if everybody does the same thing.

Stay Safe.

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